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Cloakroom - ‘Lossed Over’ Lathe Cut 7” w/ silkscreened b-side. Who got one on their tour with Whirr? If you missed out a new Cloakroom 7” will be announced shortly featuring ‘Lossed Over’ as well as a very special collaborative b-side. 😳

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4 years ago today an all ages venue in our town, Cafe Metropolis, closed. Support venues & keep these places going!

Wow it’s been 4 years. So many great times at this place. To Cafe Metro!

My fucking childhood was spent at punk shows here.

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vigo the carpathian.

Never forget that it’s Max von Sydow’s voice :)

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you rule the world
you’re gonna murder somebody weak

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Jane Lane marry me

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fucking fuck!!!! this is one of the best best best best things to come out of this universe!